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The spelling Nyungar is standard in academic circles and is in common use in Perth. The spelling Noongar was supported by Great Southern people at a meeting in Narrogin in 1992 and remains in common use on the South coast and Great Southern regions of W.A. I use Noongar out of habit but I've used both here to ensure that search engines can find this page and out of respect to others

The differing spellings reflect differences in pronunciation, which in turn reflects the regional dialects of Nyungar.

The Noongar Dictionary of 1992, provided a pronunciation guide and standardized the spelling based upon the western desert orthography. This is currently out of print but some copies are available through the library system and some schools. There is a need for a long term commitment to the publication of a Noongar/English dictionary.

Early Wordlists

Noongar has been a written language since 1801. The following sources are transcriptions of word lists compiled in the Albany district during the 19th Century.


Charles Symmons grammar was first published in the 1842 W.A. Almanack and is republished here in full. Daisy Bates published an article "A Few Notes on some South West dialects" in 1915 which contains some invaluable infiormation on dialect variation and grammar.

Specific subjects

The following subject lists have been compiled by various authors

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